Our Story

I have always loved unique & quirky finds buried in the back, underneath the dust & hidden. The unseen fabrics draped, folded & forgotten until I find them. I love to bring them back to life whether it be a new coat of paint or repurposing/reinventing it completely.    

First I started in my basement & garage. I had a traveling booth boutique featuring repurposed & handmade items. It was fun (except for the hauling) & I did well, but my dream was bigger. I thought I could do more. So I did! 

"You'll never know unless you try"  -Unknown

On November 6th 2016 I opened my first little, itty-bitty bricked & mortar shop! Soooo exciting! But, wow, was it small. 

Soon after I was moving on up to a bigger space in the same building with a street front view! It was great! So much more space & the extra hello to the community was fantastic. Seven months later I outgrew this space as well.

Then I had a tremendous opportunity to make a relocation into one of the historic buildings here in downtown Shelby. Since I opened the shop I've been very active in the Community, helping revitalize our blossoming small town. 

The Bohemian Boutique embodies the Bohemian free spirit style.  A true love for a wide range of art, music & fashion. Celebrating beautiful colors, textures & patterns. An eclectic collection of unique finds. 

Now ever expanding, our online store will feature new, used, vintage & repurposed items, many of which are locally made here in Michigan or from other independent US vendors.