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Our Story


I have always loved unique & quirky finds buried in the back, underneath the dust & hidden. The unseen fabrics draped, folded & forgotten until I find them. I love to bring them back to life whether it be a new coat of paint or repurposing/reinventing it completely.    

First I started in my basement & garage. I had a traveling booth boutique featuring repurposed & handmade items. It was fun (except for the hauling) & I did well, but my dream was bigger. I thought I could do more. So I did! 

"You'll never know unless you try"  -Unknown

On November 6th 2016 I opened my first little, itty-bitty bricked & mortar shop! Soooo exciting! But, wow, was it small. 

Soon after I was moving on up to a bigger space in the same building with a street front view! It was great! So much more space & the extra hello to the community was fantastic. Seven months later I outgrew this space as well.

Then I had a tremendous opportunity to make a relocation into one of the historic buildings here in downtown Shelby. Since I opened the shop I've been very active in the Community, helping revitalize our blossoming small town. 

The Bohemian Boutique embodies the Bohemian free spirit style.  A true love for a wide range of art, music & fashion. Celebrating beautiful colors, textures & patterns. An eclectic collection of unique finds. 

Now ever expanding, our online store will feature new, used, vintage & repurposed items. Our goal is to support US artists/crafters, also artists/crafters from around the world. Although not every item on the site is handmade or made in the US many of them are, also many are locally made here in Michigan or from other US vendors.


Unfortunately, the building I have been renting is going up for sale. This means the Bohemian Boutique needs to vacate the building asap. 


Although we have not found a suitable place to relocate we continue to GROW our online store.  Check back often for new product and artisans. 

Thank you


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